HTC Vive Release Date and Price Announced

The HTC Vive has not been getting quite as much heat as the Oculus Rift, but things look like they are about to change as the VR headset, which is the child of a HTC / Valve partnership looks like it could be a serious player in the VR market. Details released over the weekend have given us a HTC Vive release date, price and even a nice, 1 minute long trailer.

The Vive is going to be a real hot product with the hardware built by HTC and the gaming awesomeness built by Valve, its a recipe for success, but unfortunately, this recipe comes with a pretty hefty price tag. The price of the HTC Vive has been revealed as costing $799 for the consumer edition of the product. Pretty steep, but if this thing lives up to what we all want it to live up to, its going to be a pretty amazing piece of tech.

We also have a release date! The HTC Vive will be released on the 1st of April 2016. With a price tag of $799, it doesn’t give us a whole lot of time to start saving up. In reality the number of units are going to be quite limited for a while and unless you have a pre order you probably shouldn’t expect to get one of these for quite some time.

For the final piece of good news, we have also been given the minimum specs required to run the HTC Vive on your PC.

HTC Vive PC Spec
HTC Vive PC Spec


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