What to do with Animals in An Overgrown Park

When searching for the canister from the Pesticide workshop, you will come across a computer terminal that has pictures of a bunch of animals on it. Some of the animals squares are red and others are green. The game does not give you any sort of prompt on how to solve the puzzle. Here is what you need to do.

Around this room, you will find several animals (pigs, cows and chickens) in glass cages. There is a metal wheel on each and when you turn the wheel, it will alter one of the corresponding animals on the screen. Some are green already and others are not. You will need to work out which is which. This can be done quite easily through some trial and error. Move the wheel on one glass cage and check the result. Undo the change if more animals are showing up red.

If there are two green cows and one red, you will have to move the wheel for one cow, check the screen and if there are now two red cows, you will know you have selected the wrong one. Try another cow until you get it right.

Once all of the animal icons on the screen have turned green, a scene will trigger and the next area of the research area will be open for you to explore.

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