Atomic Heart Annihilation Instinct DLC Review

Atomic Heart Annihilation Instinct DLC
Annihilation Instinct DLC

In the world of video game expansions, the Annihilation Instinct DLC pack for Atomic Heart comes in with a bang, offering both a refreshing continuation of the base game’s strengths and addressing some of its issues. But as with any expansion, there’s a mix of brilliance and slight missteps.

The base game’s infinitely respawning enemies, an aspect I found highly tedious, have been replaced with a more traditional setup. Once you defeat them, they’re gone, granting a palpable sense of progression and allowing for a more enjoyable exploration experience. This change alone is enough to give the DLC a positive feel, especially for those who found the original mechanic bothersome.

One of the standout features is the game’s take on save game rooms. These quirky love dens with their pounding techno music beats emanating from random corners of the once-glorious underground structures are a testament to the developers’ sense of humor. It’s an unexpected and delightful touch that brings a bit of levity to the tension-filled corridors of Atomic Heart.

Our favorite weapon vending machine, NORA, makes a much-anticipated return. This time, her love-driven dialogue and unmistakable voice only enhance her charm. NORA’s infatuation and banter with the main character offer delightful interludes in an otherwise intense gameplay, making interactions something to eagerly anticipate.

For fans of Atomic Heart’s distinctive aesthetics, the underground bunker is a visual treat. It continues the same unique architectural design and theming reminiscent of games like Fallout, ensuring players remain captivated. Every corridor and room reveals something beautiful, eerie, or downright bewildering.

Moreover, the DLC showcases a high degree of polish. Atomic Heart presents a game that is visually stunning, with high-quality graphics, smooth performances, and a notable absence of graphical glitches. The team behind this expansion has truly delivered a AAA experience.

However, no game is without its shortcomings. The Annihilation DLC introduces a vast new area to explore, but it leans heavily into underground sections. Given the charm of Atomic Heart’s above-ground locales and the removal of the endlessly respawning robots, players might feel a tad cheated out of more open-air exploration opportunities. Also, the newly introduced orb/bead boss type, while technically impressive, can border on being frustratingly challenging. This boss necessitates a reactive playstyle, where players must wait to be attacked before making their move – a strategy that might not sit well with everyone.


The Atomic Heart Annihilation DLC provides a commendable addition to the base game. While bringing in welcome gameplay tweaks and retaining the game's intrinsic charm, it further augments the experience with humor, polished design, and unforgettable characters. A few choices, like the focus on underground exploration and a potentially vexing boss, might not be to everyone's taste. Still, they are minor quibbles in what is otherwise a stellar expansion.
  • Elimination of infinitely respawning enemies enhances exploration.
  • Humorous and unique save game rooms.
  • NORA's charming dialogue and interactions.
  • Engaging underground aesthetics akin to popular franchises.
  • Consistent high-quality visuals and AAA-level polish.
  • Limited above-ground exploration in the DLC.
  • Challenging orb/bead boss type may not be appealing to all players.