How To Enter The Facility (A Glass Darkly)

After completing a rather challenging boss battle in a park, you will find yourself outside a large facility with the goal to get inside. The game will give you a bit of a prompt, explaining that light is needed to shine above the door in order to get inside but doesn’t really give you much more than this.

The “A Glass Darkly” quest has a few tricky areas that are going to cause you a few headaches and getting inside the facility to find them is only the start. I will include a video guide below, explaining what to do in case the text guide is harder to follow.

Moving The Periodic Table Elements

To the left and right of the main door there are two models of the periodic table elements Uranium and Plutonium. You can lock onto these elements and pull them and you will hear a chime each time this happens but they do not seem to move anywhere.

You are pulling these in the wrong direction. Rather than pulling the elements forward, you need to go behind them and pull them back along the rails behind the element. You will hear several chime sounds as you pull it backward. Once it is fully pulled back, it will lock into place. The video guide above will show this in far more detail if needed.

One of the elements will pull back but the reflection array will get stuck when you pull it up and you will need to enter the facility through an underground maintenance area. It will take you on quite the tangent but once you get back out, the main door to the facility will open up and you will be able to move ahead.

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