How To Get Past The Bouncing Missiles

As you work your way through the weird and wild story from Atomic heart, you will end up in a sort of dreamland where it looks like a frozen war zone. As you work your way down the main path, you will get to a large submarine frozen in the water. When you climb on top of this you will get to a point where there are a bunch of torpedos or missiles jumping up and down. Getting past them can be tricky.

Getting past these missiles is hard at times. When you fall off, you will need to make your way back up onto the submarine and start again. Here are some tips to help you get through this part of the game.

bouncing submarine missilesStand In Between Missiles

There is a small spot between the four silo holes where you are able to stand without being launched into the air. Getting this right is difficult though. The best thing to do is to look at the ground to help make sure you stand perfectly between them.

Take it slowly and creep your way between them if you find this easier. You should be able to spot when the silo is about to launch as the door starts to bounce.

Use Dash To Avoid Falling Into The Water

In the event that you do stand on a missile and get launched into the air, you will find that using the dash while in the air will allow you to redirect yourself so you fall back toward the submarine. Having two dashes will make this a lot easier. Once you are back onto the submarine, get back into a center area where you can get your bearings and try to go ahead.

The video guide below will help you a bit if you need some visual help. I was able to get through on the second attempt after falling down into the silo.

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