Games Like Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart delivered a rather unique take on a soviet Russian utopia turned dystopia. A vision of the 1950s with technology far out of reach for its time. Flying cities, advanced robotics, and implanted chips to augment human abilities. The retrofuturistic feel of this game is something that we do not see very often. What are some other games out there that are similar to Atomic Heart?



I don't think there is any denying the similarities between Bioshock and Atomic Heart. Both games are set around a similar time period and both give us a view of a world where technology had accelerated far beyond what you would expect for the time period. Both have highly political stories where great intentions and great potential were crushed by greed. The level of artistic creativity is also quite similar. Both really good games.

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Fallout 4


I think many of the Fallout games are quite similar. Not so much in terms of the political stuff but we have that same sort of retrofuturistic vibe where it feels like the future but also like you are in the 1950s where technology is far more ahead of its time.

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Far Cry 4


I think the developers said that the open world aspects of Far Cry games were what they bases the open world parts of this game on too.


I think a lot of games say they are like Far cry when it comes to open world but its a fairly broad thing to say. I don't think the far cry games were all that similar to Atomic Heart - far cry sucks

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