Find A Way To Open Gate At Theatre

You will get a quest objective at the theatre to “Find a way to open the gate” as part of the quest “Ascending the gallows stage”. You will be in a long room with various ballerinas standing on podiums and a red gate at the end that is currently locked. This is what you need to do to unlock it.

Along the room are four robot ballerinas dancing randomly with spotlights shining on them. You will notice that there are some bodies floating around the place. This has not been all that uncommon in this game and that is why you may have missed the clue.

You will need to interact with each of the ballerinas and change their pose using the commands from Charles to alter the shadow behind them. When the shadows make it look like the ballerina is killing the dead soldiers and the blood spatters match up, you will unlock the door. The video guide below will explain this in better detail if you are unsure.

Interacting with each of the ballerina robots gives you the option to set the pose you want. Take a step back and see what the impact of the pose has on the white wall behind it. Make sure that the pose of the ballerina looks like it is killing the bodies that are floating next to the canvas.

When you set the pose correctly, you will hear a sort of synth bass sound that is the signal to show you got it right. The guy will also start speaking with you. Once all 4 have been set correctly, the door will open up.

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