Three Motherland Items - Made in USSR

During the quest “Made In USSR” in Atomic Heart, you will speak to a robot at the reception area and she will ask you to obtain three motherland items from the surrounding area. Once you get them all the quest is complete.

Finding these items is a bit tricky. Here is the location of all three of the motherland-related quest items from the Made in USSR quest.

Find The Voice of The Motherland

The voice of the motherland is a radio. If you walk into the reception area behind the female robot, you will find the radio on the ground. Pick it up and it will cross off the voice from the list of items in the quest.

Find The Symbol of the Motherland

The symbol of the motherland can be found in the room to the right. The door should be unlocked now. Once you go inside, there will be a tall statue. Look up into the hands and you will see him holding a hammer. This is the symbol for the quest. Take this item from the statue.

Find the Sprout of the Motherland

The sprout can be found on the room to the left. Similar to the other room, it should now be unlocked. The sprout is the plant inside the pot. It is blocked by a glass jar, preventing you from being able to take it. To the left side of the room is a scale. Stand on this and it will lift the jar from the sprout. You can then use the telekinesis ability to pull the plant to you.

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