The Moon-Gazing Gorons Quest Walkthrough

The Moon-Gazing Gorons is a challenging side quest that you can undertake in of Tears of the Kingdom. To start this quest, you need to find Tray, one of the two elderly Gorons, situated in Goron City. They will present you with a unique challenge: find a location where the moon is visible during daylight. However, they can’t remember the exact place, only that it’s somewhere near Lake Ferona. Your task includes capturing a photograph of this rare celestial event for them to see.

The Moon-Gazing

Now, let’s break down how you can accomplish this quest.

  1. The Initial Clue: The Gorons recall that the location is close to Lake Ferona, so that’s where you’ll need to focus your search.
  2. Locating Lake Ferona Cave: Begin your exploration at Lake Ferona, focusing on the western edge. There, you’ll notice a prominent rock formation jutting out of the lake. North of this rocky landmark, the Lake Ferona Cave awaits your discovery.
  3. Inside the Cave: Venture inside the cave and take note of the waterbody surrounding a central stone slab. This particular slab holds the key to your quest.
  4. Timing Your Visit: The event you’re looking for occurs at a specific time – 12 noon. If you happen to be early or late, you can use the game’s time manipulation feature. By crafting a fire with sticks and flint, you can rest and wait until the precise moment: midday.
    wait at a fire til midday
  5. Capturing the Moon in Daylight: At the stroke of noon, a vivid circle of light will illuminate the slab. This is the spectacle the Gorons spoke about – the moon visible in broad daylight. Quickly, use your camera to capture this beautiful sight.
    full moon shining down
  6. Completion: With the photograph in hand, make your way back to Tray and his companion in Goron City. Hand over the image to successfully conclude the “Moon-Gazing Gorons” quest.
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