Sampsquatch Event Guide


The Sampsquatch mini-event is a short 22 hour event in Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money. As far as events go, this one is quite easy to unlock all of the event rewards but is a challenging one to do well on the leaderboards due to the way the profits scale. Multipliers for characters, business and customer bonuses are very large.

Cards are also given out very easily. The biggest bottleneck for you will be gathering enough of the event currency to purchase the upgrades.

Sampsquatch Strategy For Event Rewards

If you are only interested in collecting all of the rewards for this event, you should be able to get them all in half of the time that this event lasts for. If you upgrade enough of the characters, the bonuses you get will be giving you so much cash that there won’t be any issues hitting these requirements.

Sampsquatch kittyland building
Kittyland is by far the highest earning building for this event.

The main strategy should be to upgrade the three boys and to automate Kittyland. The income from kittyland is high and with the multipliers from upgrading the boys so high and applying to all buildings, you will be getting large boosts to kittyland and all of the other structures in the park, just from this alone. Any leftover cash and currency you have, can be best spend doing whatever is going to give the best cash multipliers.

The task rewards and trunks are going to be the best method of getting cards. Go out of your way if needed to complete a task for a particular building, even if it falls outside of making kittyland earn more money. The rewards for the tasks will pay off in the long run when it comes to earning huge amounts of money.

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