Money Collection Hack For Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money

If you have taken part in a few events in this game, you will know that there is quite a commitment required to get all of the rewards and often a seemingly insurmountable level of effort required to get anywhere near the top of the leaderboard in order to get all of those good results. I have discovered a hack to change all of this.

Using an auto tapper app on your phone, you will be able to plug your phone into a charger and it will tap on your buildings at a set interval and will collect the money from any structure you have not been able to automate yet. Automating is often difficult when you need to get a character to level 6 or something. It is also quite frustrating when the building in question is the highest-earning building by a considerably large amount.

This cheat is not going to be caught by the game as it simply simulates a human sitting there tapping the screen. The only difference is you do not have to be there to actually do it. You will be keeping the game open the entire time for this. This means you will have to sacrifice the double bonus that shows up every 15 mins. A bonus which is likely useless anyway when the highest-earning building is not automated.

Check out the guide below for this hack. It will save you a massive amount of effort and will help you make sure that all of the great event rewards are all yours. Check out the Greasy Money event guide here for some other helpful tips on doing well in the events.

Auto Tapping Cheat For Fast Easy Money

What you need to do is download an app from the Play Store called Auto Clicker. You do not need to have a rooted phone to use it either. I am not sure what alternatives there are for other operating systems, this is the only app that I have used and I know it works well. If you have found a better alternative or one for a different OS, leave a link in the comments below.

Once the app is installed load it up. You will have the option for a single tap or multi-tap. The multi-tap is a bit harder to use but it works great if you have more than one building that you are unable to automate it. The app will require permissions for it to overlay other apps. You will have to grant this before you can begin. This is required as the app needs to place a cursor on top of other apps so you can see where it is clicking and move it around to somewhere else.

greasy money auto click cheat
This shows how you can set it up to harvest money from two buildings that are not currently automated.

Once the app is good to go, switch over to the Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money app. You will see that there are now some controls overlaying the games screen. Move the marker over the money collection icon. Set the click time. If a structure is ready every 15 seconds, I would set it to 3 seconds. This way it won’t have to wait a full 15 seconds if the click happens a few ms before the building is ready.

There is nothing more to do from here. Keep the phone in a charger and let it work away. Keep an eye on the screen. Having it open like this is a great way to spot then the film crew show up. You will find that you will be earning huge amounts of even currency. Pause the clicker when they show up, watch the add and then click play again. Sometimes they show up every 30 seconds. This will be very profitable and make you forget about the 15-minute double cash bonus that you are missing out on.

trailer park boys money glitch
Another example of using this cheat to get lots of easy money. You can continue to use this instead of spending the cash to automate if there is more potential in using that to upgrade the structure.
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