Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money Review

greasy money review

There are lots of “idle” games available for smartphones these days. They somehow manage to get us addicted to an activity that is not all that fun when you put some thought into it. Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money is one of these games that is addictive as hell but it doesn’t really provide you with all that much in terms of gameplay.

Greasy Money has you taking control of a virtual trailer park. You must build structures, upgrade characters and collect various items in order to build an illegal money-making racket. The goal is to gather as much money as possible, completing various objectives along the way.

The objectives might be things like upgrade 2 characters, collect X amount of money, upgrade X structures. When you complete a specified number of objectives, you will complete the current “season”. This makes the game feel like an extension of the TV series.

greasy money review
The layout of the park allows you to scroll up and down without having to rotate your phone. Each building earns money. Collect it manually or upgrade it to be automatic. The colourful design will definitely be one thing that captures your attention

The trailer park will reset every season. This gives you a fresh hit of building up a new “business enterprise” every time. The process gets quite addictive and will have you logging back in quite frequently to check if there are any buildings you have enough money to upgrade.

Is Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money Worth Playing?

This is a difficult one to answer. The game has very little substance on paper. You essentially spend the majority of the time watching ads and just watching numbers increase on the screen. There isn’t a whole lot else to actually do.

I personally found this game very addictive and enjoyable. Being able to log in a few times a day for 5 mins or so made this a fun little time killer while you wait for the coffee or are taking a dump. The events that show up every few days give you an added reason to check in on the trailer pack. The rewards can often be quite valuable, within the context of the game of course, they are absolutely worthless time-wasting items in real life.

The game is definitely worth checking out. It is free, so it isn’t like there is much of a reason not to try it. If the game doesn’t become addictive to you from the get-go, you can just delete it. You need to know what you have in mind for the game before you get stuck into it. If you are just looking for some idle game to flick on instead of scrolling through Twitter, this will most definitely scratch your itch.

The writing and humour are good, you will get a few laughs from the conversations that happen between the cast. The gameplay is a bit shallow but it is just an idle time killer. When you look at it from this point of view, it isn’t all that bad. It will remain on my phone for a while longer. It was a pleasant surprise.

Verdict: Worth Playing

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