Best Tips For Completing Events

Events are a very common thing in Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money. They will happen at least once a week but quite often you may see one-day events pop up. The duration of the event does not matter, the end goal is always the same. For the duration of the event, you must earn as much money as possible! This guide will give you some helpful tips to do this.

As part of the general guide to Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money, I mentioned that It is a good idea to focus on goals as much as it is to earn money. Events in this game are the opposite. It is all about earning as much money as you possibly can in the shortest period of time. There are two money-related goals for doing this which will reward you with some pretty awesome items.

Not All Buildings Scale The Same

This is the biggest mistake people always make. The final building on the road earns the most money by default, so this is surely the best place to invest. This is completely untrue and is the biggest mistake you can make. It is not uncommon for the very first building on the road to be the highest earner. The main problem is that it is so hard to know which it is. Out of nowhere, a building could get an x9000 multiplier from a customer upgrade and suddenly it is earning 10 times more than your previous best building and is doing it far more frequently.

top buildings
The top two buildings have terrible income, which you can see in the image. Do not waste money upgrading hoping they suddenly get good. You will have to invest a lot of poop to upgrade the characters and buildings to make much out of them. Better ways to spend the money

Check For Special Characters

Sometimes there can be special characters further down on the map. These can give you character or building cards or sometimes whatever the event currency is (the event equivalent of liquor). Since the bonuses to buildings in the main game do not carry over to the events, you will need all the help you can get obtaining cards.

Use The Auto Tap Cheat

The auto tap cheat/glitch/hack, whatever you want to call it, is a great way to get quick money during events. It will also get you a huge amount of event currency by always having the screen open when the film crew appear.

Install the auto clicker app and make use of it to harvest money from buildings that you are currently unable to automate. It is simple and works brilliantly. Check out the full guide on how to get this cheat setup here.

Check Back Frequently For The Film Crew

Each event will have some sort of liquor equivalent. It is hard to come by and unless you are willing to spend real money for hash tokens, you are never going to have enough. The film crew will appear every 10-15 mins and will grant you 30 of whatever the items is. This will be essential for you to be able to upgrade characters and buildings quickly enough to be able to earn enough money to earn the bonuses for the current Greasy Money event that you are taking part in.

cash bonus film crew
This film crew will give you a cash bonus when you click on them and watch the advertisement.

Be Clever About Building & Character Upgrades

As I mentioned in one of the points above, not all buildings scale in the same way. You can spend all of your upgrade currency and cards upgrading the final building on the road only to find that it doesn’t actually give that much of a return. Even when you see big numbers like 16,000 – 32,000, this is just going to double the score. I would suggest checking out the general guide for more tips on understanding this.

The point here is to spend what you can in the early days to start getting a steady supply of money. Once you have established which buildings are giving the most money, start focussing all of your upgrades on these. The cost will rise to 600+ at the later stages. It is best to save up for this rather than spend it upgrading characters or buildings that will not give you a fraction of the money in return.

Avoid Checking The Game More Than Every 15 Mins

If you leave the game for 15 minutes and return, you will be able to watch an ad that would double the amount of money that you earned while away. It might be tempting to check often to get those customer bonuses but it can be better to wait a little longer to get this double bonus.

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