Animal Takeover Event Guide

animal takeover event

The latest, short event for Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money is called Animal takeover. For those wanting to get a jump start and get to the leaderboard is quickly as possible in order to get all of those leaderboard bonuses, you will need to follow the strategy below to generate as much money as possible.

Here are some quick tips to get started with. Read further below for more details on the best buildings to focus your effort on. This event is a tough one to get started with due to the low income generated by most buildings and the fact that most characters required to automate are useless.

  • Don’t bother with the top building for a while
  • The casino chip building isnt much good either but you need it to unlock the tiger. Don’t worry about it right away.
  • Focus on convients store as this is the one you should be able to automate right away.
  • The wrestling building is the best in this event, but it requires some upgrading before it gets there.

The Top Two Buildings Are Useless For Money

This one will definitely throw you off since the top buildings are normally worth the most, although they are sometimes quite slow. This is not the case here. You will need to unlock them if you want to get things fully automated as they unlock the required characters but the income they generate sucks. At level 350 the casino building will generate 7.16 billion. A tiny fraction of what it cost to even unlock, nevermind upgrade.

top buildings
The top two buildings have terrible income, which you can see in the image. Do not waste money upgrading hoping they suddenly get good. You will have to invest a lot of poop to upgrade the characters and buildings to make much out of them. Better ways to spend the money

Focus On Convenients Takeover

You should be able to get this one automated. Start upgrading this as quick as possible as this will be the quickest money maker to find the slower buildings. Upgrade the dog or the building itself if you have the poop but don’t go too crazy. The wrestling ring is the long term goal for the most income.

best buildings for money
You can see the income numbers here are huge. I have put 2 upgrades into the ring and it made the value shoot through the roof.

The image above will also show that roc vodka is a huge money generator. Unfortunately, I was still waiting for more cards to be able to upgrade the chicken which prevents me automating this building. The rate at which income is ready to collect is incredibly high, so it will be a big earner if you can get this automated.


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