How To Use The Towing Harness

How To Use The Towing Harness

Being able to glue items together in Tears of the Kingdom can result in endless creativity and cool ideas. One of these cool features is the ability to build a wagon, although you can also find them pre-built in various locations of the game.

In order to make use of these wagons, you need a way to hitch your horse to them and this is done using the new Towing harness item that you can equip onto your horse and use it to pull the wagon along. This makes it incredibly useful for transporting larger items such as crafting components or even those adorable Koroks with oversized backpacks. The guide below with the video guide should answer all the questions you have in relation to this new feature in Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Get The Towing Harness

The Towing Harness can be redeemed from any of the stables in the game once you have earned three pony points. It will be given to you once you interact with the book inside the building having gotten three of the points. You can earn pony points from any of the following.

How To Equip The Towing Harness To a Horse

This is the tricky part that had me stumped for a while. I could see the harness in my inventory but there is no way to interact with it. Clicking on it does nothing. You will need to return to the stables and ask the master there to modify the horse’s saddle. You will get the same option to select a saddle when you first check the horse out from the stables.

horse towing harness

You can’t use the towing harness with Epona. If you try to add it to her, the stable master will tell you it can’t be done. It seems to be possible to use it with all other horses, however. A horse that I caught in the field behind the stables near the Dueling Peaks was able to make use of it.

Overall, the Towing Harness adds another layer of depth and versatility to Tears of the Kingdom’s already expansive gameplay. It allows players to customize and improve their horses, turning them into valuable companions that can assist them in their adventures across the beautiful and dangerous world of Hyrule.

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