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ice planet name generator

Ice planets are generally found far away from a sun where the heat is not able to prevent the water on the planet from turning to ice. There are no strict naming rules for ice planets, but in works of fiction, particularly video games, it is great to pick a relevant name. A name that sounds cold. The ice planet name generator below will allow you to do just that. It will give you a selection of different ice planet names.

A lot of the inspiration for these names came from various words for cold things in different languages. This often gives these words a feeling of cold, even in English. There are also some more standard planet names thrown in there to mix it up a bit. If you are in need for some additional planet name ideas, check out our planet name generator tool where you can get names for ice planets along with many other planet types.

To use the ice planet name generator, scroll down to the tool below. You can click the button as many times as you like to get a huge selection of random ice planet name ideas.

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Names For Ice Planets

Ice planet names are best when they immediatly sound cold. We often jump to latin words for things like ice, snow and frost but these words are heavily used for other things. Sometimes it can be easier to just modify the latin words slightly to give them some more context to what you are doing.

Chances are, the ice planet you are dealing with is going to be barren with no intelligent life. If the planet has some additional character, why not work that into the name. This ice planet name generator will not be able to go this far for you. This is at least a great starting point to find a base name that sounds good. From here you can add onto it.

If you are working on a space adventure, you are going to need some way for people to travel to this ice planet. Why not check out our spaceship name generator for some name ideas to use.

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