How to get the crucifix in The Sleeping Village

If you have visited the church in The Sleeping village level in Medievil, you will discover that the crucifix has been taken from the church wall. Replacing this is the main puzzle of this level. This guide will show you where to get it.

The crucifix can’t be found, you need to craft it. This means going through houses that have angry villagers that you can’t kill if you want to get the chalice.

  1. Near the water fountain, you will find a house you can go inside. The moon rune is on the fireplace.
  2. Near the same house is another building with a sign that has a bag of grain on it. Go inside.
  3. Use a barrel to hold the switch down and go down to the basement. Make your way around and up the steps to find a green rune inside a cage. Break the barrels to collect it.
  4. Use the green rune downstairs and flip the switch. The head can now be collected in the room above.
  5. When you leave this building turn left and go to the water. You will see steps going down to a lever. Go down and flip this switch to turn off the water fountain, making the red chaos rune fall down.
  6. Collect this rune and use it on the nearby door.
  7. Inside, smash the book shelf with a club or hammer and collect the crucifix mould.
  8. Near the start of the level is a blacksmith. There’s a flag outside with a horseshoe on it. Go inside.
  9. Use the mould on the fire and then use the gold statue. The statue head will be inside the mould.
  10. Start jumping on the bellows. The big thing to the left of the fire. Keep jumping and jumping until the crucifix appears.
  11. Bring this to the church to complete the puzzle.
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