Do enemies turned into chickens count toward the chalice percentage?


In the original Medievil, the chicken drumsticks would affect your chances of obtaining the chalice. Because once you turn your enemies to roast chicken, their souls dont go to the chalice. In medievil resurrection that was no longer a problem. Can using chicken drumsticks in the new remastered PS5 version of Medievil affect your chances of obtaining the chalice of souls in any level you use them on?

Do enemies turned into chickens count toward the chalice percentage

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1 Answer

Ray Cunningham -

It does not appear to be an issue based on the videos of the game I have watched. Toward the end you can see the chalice notification show as completed when an enemy is killed using a drumstick so it looks like the bug from the original game is no longer a problem in the PS4 version of the game.

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