What does the chicken drumsticks weapon do?

I got the chicken drumsticks from the witch after collecting the amber in the ant Caves. The description just says you are what you eat. I’ve tried to do it and it seems fairly useless. All you do is throw some chicken and it doesn’t seem to hurt the enemies that it hits.

What does the chicken drumsticks weapon do MediEvil

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1 Answer

Marvin Mason

The weapon is a lot more useful than it seems and is very valuable, you should hold onto the ammo for when you need it.

The chicken drumsticks get eaten by enemies. If you throw it while they are busy, they won’t eat it. When an enemy eats one it will trigger an explosion that will turn all nearby enemies into roast chickens. You can then go and eat all of these to regain some health. It can be super useful of you are stuck in a difficult area of the game and have no health left.



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