Should I accept the witches quest in enchanted earth?

I have summoned the witch and she said she has given me one chance to take her quest. Should I accept it or not? I don’t wanna pass on the chance, it’s likely a good reward but I’m not sure if I’m strong enough for it.

Should I accept the witches quest in enchanted earth MediEvil

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1 Answer

Lloyd Collier

I’m not sure why she says this. I panicked and accepted this quest and regretted it. The quest is quite difficult. I only had 3 health vials when I accepted it. I found it very hard to complete. I got through it in the end though and it was a waste of time. You get some stupid chicken bone weapon.

Weirdly, when I went back to the enchanted earth, I was able to summon the witch again and she offered me the quest a second time. She also gave me the same dilemma so you can reject this quest without having to worry about it. Come back later when you have more health and better weapons.


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