Can’t get onto boat with grim reaper

I have completed the pools of the ancient dead level before so I think it might be a glitch. I have collected all of the helmets and I went back to the grim reaper on the boat. He won’t let me on. I try to jump and there’s an invisible wall. I went back around the level to make sure I havnt missed anything and there’s nothing I missed. I collected everything. Why can’t I get into the boat.

Cant get onto boat with grim reaper MediEvil

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings

Check your inventory and make sure you have 8 helmets here. If you do, go to the boat and use the helmets. By use I mean open the menu and press X on the helmets. This will trigger you to give them to the grim reaper. There will be a cut scene and he will let you onto the boat then.


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