How To Get Access To The Wind Temple

access to the wind temple

It is quite tricky to get access to the wind temple in The Wind Waker. Whenever you try to get near the entrance the wind blows you away. How to you get to the wind temple without getting blown away?

In order to gain access to the wind temple, you are going to need quite a few things. The first thing you need to have is magic arrows. You don’t directly need the magic arrows, but you do need them to get the main item, which is the iron boots. Here is a guide on how to get the magic arrows.

Once you have the fire arrow go you need to go to the ice ring island which can be found in F5. This is right next to the Forest Haven. If you are having trouble obtaining the boots follow this guide. Once you have the boots you will be ready to go to the wind temple.

Once you equip the Iron boots you will be able to walk past the wind that previously blew you away and gain access to the wind Temple. You will need to first complete the earth temple in order to progress. If you have done this then you will need to find the next sage for the new temple. Learn the song and use this for the next sage.

In order to get the next sage, you need to go to the Forest Haven island. At the very start of the island outside of the Deku tree, you will see a waterfall with music notes coming out of it. Above the waterfall, you will see a branch to use with your grapple. Grab onto this and swing into the waterfall. The sage will be inside here. Play the song you just learned at the entrance to the wind temple and you will now be ready to make your way to the wind temple.

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