Tower of the Gods Dungeon Guide

tower of the gods

The Tower of the Gods is the third major dungeon you will encounter in the Wind Waker. This temple is the first major story related place that you will visit and is a lot of fun to play. This dungeon is quite linear and it’s very difficult to get lost as the game only lets you visit areas in order. Here is our full Tower of the Gods dungeon guide. The text guide will give you a general overview on how to solve the puzzles and a general idea of how to progress. Check out the video guide below for a more detailed guide on every step you need to make.

  • Boss – Stone God  (Gohdan )
  • Item Found – Bow
  • Difficulty – 2/10
  • Theme – Water

You will start off in a large water-filled room. You will soon notice that the water level will rise and lower periodically. This is a very important aspect of this dungeon and will affect a large amount of the puzzles that you have to solve. Keep the water level change in mind as most of the puzzles require you to take the change into account in order to solve it.

The main enemy you are going to face in the Tower of the Gods are electrified yellow Chu Jellys. They are very easy to defeat if you use your boomerang to first daze them and then finish them off with your sword.

Start off by turning right. You will see 2 doors. One on a lower level and one higher. It doesn’t matter which room you go into a they can be independently solved. If you look directly opposite of the 2 rooms, you will see a large wall that has 3 panels that can be destroyed with bombs. Get into your boat and blow these panels away. You can now dive into the water and climb over into the other area when the water level has risen.

The main puzzle in this area is in the bottom room. This will contain the pillar object that you need to place onto the platform similar to what you did on the other side of the room. In order to get into this room you need a key which is obtained in the room at the higher level. The puzzle in here is a little tricky. First you need to wait until the water level drops and you can jump down into the pit. You will need to line up 4 boxes so that when the water level rises you have a clear path to the other side. When the water raises, light a stick on fire and run to the other side to light the 2 burners on the other side. This will make a chest appear that contains the key.

Now that you have the key, head out of the room and go down to the room on the lower level. There will be 2 yellow Chu Jelly enemies inside. Use your boomerang to stun both of them and kill them with your sword. This will make the steps appear allowing you to get the pillar at the top of the platform. Bring this out of the room and back upstairs and place it into the switch platform. This will trigger a door to open in the middle of the room. Head through this door.

The first room you come into is a tough one at first as it contains an enemy that you cannot kill yet. There will be a pillar in the middle of the room that shoots a laser beam at you that does quite a bit of damage. You can destroy these pillars once you get the bow, but you don’t have the bow yet so you can’t destroy it yet. Right next to the door you entered you will see 2 knight statues. You need to bring both of these to the other side of the room. If you walk very slowly around the edge of the room, you should be able to avoid the attacks of the tower. Once you get around to the other side place the statue on the switch and stand on the 3rd switch to activate the lift.

The next room is going to be the central room for getting to the boss. There are 3 doors in this room, 2 of which are currently locked. There is a god statue in each of these rooms which you will need to guide back to the central area in order to activate a portal that brings you to the next area. All of these are quite easy to bring back, so start by making your way through the first door. Once you get to the first statue, you will need to guide it back to the central room. You can pick the statue up once you are past the maze to save time. Once the statue makes it back to the podium in the central room, the next door will open.

The second room is likely the one to leave you stuck as it introduces 2 new things. The first is the new song that you have just learned and it will also be the room in which you get the bow (yay!). Enter the room and use your grappling hook to swing over to the door on the other side. Enter this room and swing over to the statue. The trick in this room is to stand on the switch and play the control song you just learned. This will mean that Link is standing on the switch to activate the bridge, you can walk across as the statue and then Link can swing back over once the statue is safely across.

In the next room you will have to place the god statue onto the switch and it will open a locked door. Swing over to this room and head inside. This is where you get the bow! A mini-boss will appear and attack you. Wait until he attacks and press A to counter. This will knock off his helmet and leave you on the other side. Slash at his back to knock his armor off. Now you can easily kill him with your sword. Once he is dead a chest appears with the bow. Once you have the bowhead back outside.Shoot the eye with your bow and it will activate moving platforms. Go grab the statue and bring it back to the central room.

Now you should have access to the final room. The final statue is the most time consuming one to get, but is easier to figure out compared to the second statue. There are 2 puzzles to figure out. The scales is the first which you come across. Throw two of the stone knights onto the scale to balance it out so you can jump across to the locked room after you get the key. The second is in the room with the god statue. You will need to jump on the block in the middle of the room and fly over the laser beams with your leaf. Once you have the statue, control it and go over to the button so Link can get back out. Bring the statue back to the central room to activate the final portal.

You will now be in a circular room that contains the boss key chest that is behind laser beams. You will need to get the stone knights and place them on the switches. Destroy the laser enemies if you wish, but they shouldn’t be much of an issue. Once you have the key, you need to kill the stone statues. Do this by shooting them with an arrow when the green eye is lit up. Then when they are stunned strike the red gem on their backs. When they are killed the door will open. This is the door to the boss, so you are now ready to take on the boss!


If you had any difficulty with the text guide, this video guide should clear up any areas that you were having difficulty with.

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