How To Kill The Tower of the Gods Boss

Gohdan is the name of the main boss in the Tower of the Gods in The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. He is a large boss that is made up of a floating head and 2 floating hands. The boss can only be defeated with bombs and arrows. Here is the full guide on how to kill The Tower of the Gods boss.

Gohdan is the first boss in the Wind Waker that will give you some sort of challenge. The method of killing him is unusual and unlike other boss fights so far, there are no items that you can destroy to replenish your hearts. You have to make do with the hearts that you have going in. By now you should have a good grasp of the combat system and should be able to defeat him without dying.

When the fight starts you will notice the green eyes on his hands. This is his first weak spot. Use your bow and target these eyes. It should take 2 or 3 shots to take out each hand. When there are 2 hands they will try and crush you, when there is one left, it will attempt to sweep you off the platform and onto the electric floor. Keep on your toes with this, as getting pushed onto the electric floor will quickly eat away at your health. When the hands are down his eyes will open and this will reveal his weak spot, the eyes!

Gohdan Weak Spot
Gohdan Weak Spot

When Gohdan first opens his eyes you should be able to target one of them and fire an arrow. It takes 2 shots to take out an eye. After you take out the first eye, he will likely close the other one and unleash a very powerful ranged attack by shooting large explosive balls from his mouth. Do your best to dodge these attacks as they will take away valuable hearts that you cannot afford to loose.

Once you take out both of the eyes, the head will fall to the floor and the mouth will open. Quickly run over to the head and throw a bomb inside. You dont need to be highly accurate when throwing the bomb. So long as you throw it in the direction of the head, the bomb will make its way into his mouth.

When the bomb has been dropped into his mouth, he will swallow it and it will blow up. You need to throw 3 bombs into his mouth in order to kill the boss. Nothing changes in the pattern of his attacks so if you can do it once, you shouldn’t have any problem hitting him with 2 more bombs.


Here is a video guide of the boss fight to help you see how it is done.

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