Dragon Roost Cavern Dungeon Guide

Dragon Roost Cavern is the first dungeon that you will come across in the Wind Waker. The dungeon is relatively easy, but it does have some tricky areas. Here is our full Dragon Roost Cavern Dungeon guide for the Wind Waker.

  • Boss – Fire Centipede (Gohma)
  • Reward – Dins Pearl
  • Item Found – Grappling Hook
  • Difficulty – 2/10
  • Theme – Fire/Lava

Once you arrive on the island you will need to go around and speak with some people and you will discover that the Dragon on top of the mountain is acting strange and that you will need to fix it. Gaining access to the dungeon will be the first challenge that you come across. In order to get into the temple you will need to destroy the big rock that is covering the spring. To do this you need to fill up a bottle with water and drop the water onto the withered bomb plants. Take a bomb and blow up the rock and you will now be able to swim across to the temples entrance.

Once you are inside the natural progression of the rooms will guide you the correct way. There is very little margin for error so it’s unlikely that you will get lost inside this dungeon.

There are quite a few rooms that will contain jars that are full of water. If you pick these jars up and throw them into lava they will create a temporary platform that you can stand on top of. If you throw the water on top of a lava spring you will be able to get a boost into the air to reach a higher platform. You will need to do this multiple times throughout the dungeon (as seen in the video below).

If you encounter a doorway that is blocked by wooden planks that your sword cannot destroy then try using fire or see if an enemy has dropped a larger weapon nearby. Most wooden beams that block tunnels can be burned by setting a stick on fire.

When you get near the top of the mountain you will encounter a set of stairs. As you are walking up the dragon will scream and the steps will begin to fall. This will likely catch you out and you will fall. You will spawn back at the start of the steps if you fall, so no big deal. When you get to the steps, run to the top, full speed without stopping. You should be able to get to the top without any issues if you don’t stop.

Once you get the Grappling Hook from the top of the mountain you will have to follow a path back down by using the grappling hook. You will come to a room that has a rope bridge with an area below. It’s impossible to jump down, but if you slash the rope supports with your sword you will be able to safely fall down to the area below. In the area below, there is only one door out, so take this door. On the right of the next room is a large platform that is stuck under a lava spring. Jump onto this platform and cut the 3 ropes with a spin slash. This will grant you access to the door to get the boss key.

Use Spin Slash On Platform
Use Spin Slash On Platform

In the area below you will make your way around to a large doorway of a skull. The door is locked. Look up and out toward the lava and you will see an arm for your Grapple Hook. Grab this and it will pull a button to unlock the door. Go into this door and make your way through the room and you will get the boss key.

I found the quickest way to get back out of this area is to save the game, quit to the menu and restore the game. This brings you back to the start of the temple where you can jump into the pot and get to the boss door much faster.

Here is the full video walkthrough for Dragon Roost Cavern in case you need a visual representatin of anything said above.

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