Australian Based Company Have Created Local VR Multiplayer

VR is definitely one of the biggest buzz words in the game industry at the moment. For the vast majority of us, the hype is based off reviews and videos as these VR headsets are in high demand and also quite expensive. If you weren’t already itching for a gaming session with a VR headset, this video will likely change your mind as there is an Australian based company that have created a VR multiplayer experience.

The company is called Zero Latency and is based in Australia. They offer a 400m² arena where gamers can run around and kick some ass with a group of friends. They kit you up with the gear and throw you into the room where you can start blowing the shit out of some unsuspecting zombies. This is already something we can do with VR headsets, but this service differs as you can run around a large room with friends giving the most realistic virtual reality experience we have ever seen.

The technology required to power all this is likely going to be far too expensive for any of us to put into our garages at home for many years to come. For now if you want to have a go, you will need to visit Australia and drop a hefty $88 for a ticket per person.

Gizmodo AU have created a pretty cool video showing the VR multiplayer in much better detail. There is definitely no chance of having issues with motion sickness when you are actually able to run around freely. One thing we can definitely establish is that inside the headset you are a total badass, but outside, you look like a bit of a derp.

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