Paper Mario Color Splash Trailer Wii U

Paper Mario Color Splash

It’s not very often that we hear about any new games coming to the Wii U, and any games that are on the way have been like this for far too long (looking at you ZELDA!). Thankfully Nintendo havn’t completely abandoned the Wii U yet as we have a new game on the way. This time its a new Mario game, titles Paper Mario Color Splash.

So I’m sure the first thing you are wondering is will they put a u in color for the European release of the game. The answer for now is, we do not know! If you check out the video below you will see that the game looks like awesome, just like a lot of other games Nintendo have been releasing on the Wii U.

I have never been much of a Paper Mario fan, but due to the massive lack of games releasing on the Wii U, I’m sure me and 90% of the others who have never liked these games before will be purchasing it.

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