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BioShock Box Art


BioShock is a horror-themed first-person shooter set in a steampunk underwater dystopia. The player is urged to turn everything into a weapon: biologically modifying their own body with Plasmids, hacking devices and systems, upgrading their weapons, crafting new ammo variants, and experimenting with different battle techniques are all possible. The game is described by the developers as a spiritual successor to their previous PC title System Shock 2. BioShock received…


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Most Innovative VR Games Of All Time

The realm of virtual reality has been expanding since its inception, with video games playing a significant role in pushing its boundaries. VR has brought about a paradigm shift in gaming, transcending the conventional two-dimensional perspective to create a more...
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Virtual Reality Revolution: How VR is Redefining the Boundaries of Gaming

The world of gaming has come a long way since the days of Pong and Pac-Man. With advancements in technology, gaming has evolved into a more immersive and interactive experience. One of the most significant breakthroughs in recent years is...
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The PSVR2's Lack of Backward Compatibility: A Costly Misstep for Sony?

The PlayStation 5's new virtual reality headset, the PSVR2, has been making waves in the gaming community. As a significant upgrade from its predecessor, it has the potential to revolutionize the VR gaming experience. However, despite its impressive features, the...
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Bioshock VR, Will It Ever Happen?

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Since I first played Bioshock on the PS3 it has remained one of my most loved games. I loved it so much, that I created a new PSN account and platinumed the game a second time (I was addicted to...
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Using the PSVR for non VR Games

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We all know the PSVR as Sony’s shiny new toy that has attempted to bring affordable VR to the gaming masses. While most people will know if the capabilities of the PlayStation VR headset when it comes to VR PS4...

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