Bank Repossess Playstation Home

Playstation Home

Playstation Home was something that seemed like a great idea at the time, but once gamers started moving we realized it wasn’t all that special. Once you reached the furniture limit (which seemed like about 4 couches) you would head outside. We all quickly learned that public events were plagued with random guys hitting on female avatars, female avatars that turned out to be men 100% of the time.

Visitors have been dropping and with it revenue. The cost of running a bowling alley 24/7 is expensive enough, but have you considered how much it costs to alter the weather so it’s day time all day long? Not even a Lannister could pay this debt!

With massive debts piling up along with many overdue payments, the bank has been forced to repossess Playstation Home. An eviction issue has been issued to all gamers that they will no longer be able to access Home after March 2015.
Word of this closure has resulted in mass panic as avatars meet in the central square to do the cabbage patch dance…because there really isn’t a whole lot else to do that’s interesting. It is unfortunate to say that any purchases made are now rendered even more useless once the servers shut down. Let us bid farewell to Playstation home and wish them all the best and hope they don’t stay Playstation Homeless for too long.

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