WWII Themed Timer

ww2 timer

Welcome to the digital battlefield, the page for our specialized WWII-themed digital timer. Designed with extraordinary care to detail, our timer is perfect to immerse you in the spirit of WWII while adding a time-tracking instrument for your gaming sessions – whether speed runs or WWII-themed escape rooms.

With a vintage look and feel, the WWII-themed timer takes you back to the era where timing was the key in maneuvering and winning battles. The old brass finishes and the worn-in aesthetics are a tribute to the most intense theatre of war in human history – and now you have it bundled in your digital timer.

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Speed Run Companion

Finding new records, beating old ones or just grinding for that flawless run in your favorite WWII video game? Our WWII-themed digital timer is your perfect companion. Compatible with your PC, smartphone, or tablet, it allows you to track your runs accurately, right down to the millisecond.

Whether you’re storming Omaha Beach on D-Day in Medal of Honor, dogfighting in the skies of the Pacific in War Thunder, or outmaneuvering your enemies in the RTS classic Company of Heroes, this timer keeps up with you, witnessing your battle prowess.

Escape Room Enthusiasts

World War 2 Bunker Escape Room

Planning or participating in a WWII-themed escape room? Our digital timer integrates seamlessly into your immersive experience. The timer is designed not just to count down the minutes, but to contribute to the overall atmosphere with its vintage aesthetics and themed alarm sounds like air raid sirens or the clack of a telegraph machine.

Whether you’re deciphering Nazi codes in the Bletchley Park simulation or finding your way out from a damaged U-Boat mock-up, the ticking of our digital timer will keep you on your toes, increasing the thrill and the sense of urgency that escape rooms strive to create.


  • Highly Accurate: Our timer provides excellent precision, giving you the competitive edge you need in your speed runs.
  • WWII-Themed Alarm Sounds: Choose between air raid sirens, telegraph beeps, submarine dive alarms, and tank advances to add an authentic WWII touch.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Our timer works flawlessly on a variety of digital platforms, from PCs to smartphones and tablets.
  • Aesthetic Design: A vintage design inspired by WWII era clockwork and machinery offers a timeless visual appeal.

Putting Time to the Test

Victory is inching closer. Your heart pounds with the excitement of every ticking second. Crunch time becomes more thrilling with our WWII-themed digital timer. Harness the spirit of history’s most strategic and intense war for speed runs or escape room games. It’s more than just a timer. It’s a tribute and a tool that plants the past right into the fast-paced, pulsating present.

Experience the thrill of the chase against time, powered by the energy of WWII. Download our timer today and join the ranks of winners!

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