Xbox Game Console

Xbox is a game console created by Microsoft. It was originally released to combat the PlayStation 2, but it wasn’t until the Xbox 360 that it really started to challenge Sony. Since then, Microsoft has gained a large share of the home console market with the various console releases over the past few generations.

Xbox Live is the online platform that the platform uses to facilitate online gameplay between players. Gamers can pick an Xbox gamertag which acts as an online handle and from here they can pay a monthly subscription if they wish to take part in online multiplayer.

Microsoft had initially hoped the Kinnect camera would play a major role in the future of the Xbox system, but due to a large amount of backlash from the community, it was removed. Microsoft does not currently have any major addons for the Xbox systems. The Kinnect will likely make a return if Microsoft decides to introduce a VR headset that is compatible with the system.

Alone with the advanced online gaming features introduced with XBL, Microsoft are responsible for bringing gaming achievements to mainstream gaming. While this was always something limited to specific games, XBL was the first system to use it at a network level where gamers could compare their achievements with others. This system would be later copied by Sony for the PlayStation 3 console.

If you are looking for some help with your Xbox console, you can check out the guides available in the hardware guides section of the site. If you are unable to find anything here, you can seek help in the hardware questions & answers section.


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Does PlayStation network use the same kind of gamertag system that Xbox uses?
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