Where is the white smoke in the ruins of old Yarikawa?


I feel like I have been roaming around the ruins of this old Yarikawa village for ages now. I have seen a white mist a bunch of times and when I get to it, it appears to just be fog or something similar. What am I meant to be looking for here? How do you find the white smoke in the ruins of old Yarikawa?

Where is the white smoke in the ruins of old Yarikawa
Ghost of Tsushima

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Lloyd Collier -

The smoke is fairly obvious when you actually see it, but It can be hard to find at first. I am not sure if the locations of the smoke appear at random or not. For me, the first instance of the smoke actually appeared on the road outside of the village. When you see the smoke once, you shouldn’t have any problem finding it again since it is easily visible from high in the air. The image below will show you what it looks like. 

Seems it is a lot harder to find in the dark if the time of day happens to be night time for you. If you keep having trouble with this, it might be easier to wait until it is day time.

white smoke location
Location of the first white smoke beacon in Old Yarikawa in Ghost of Tsushima
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