Transfer PS4 Game Save To PS5 Ghosts of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushiuma is getting a high definition remaster and being released as a native port to the Playstation 5 as a director’s cut. For those that really enjoyed the game on PS4, you will be excited to see what this mysterious Iki Island expansion is going to be all about. The big question is whether you can use the game save from the PS4 version with the directors cut version on PS5.

The good news is you can. If you have beaten the game on PS4, you will be able to use the game save from the PS4 to continue where you left off on PS5. This means you can jump right into the Iki Island expansion the moment you get the game.

Transfer Ghosts of Tsushima PS4 Game Save To PS5

When you first load up the game on PS5, you will see an option in the main menu that will guide you through the process of transferring the game save from the PS4 to PS5. Once you click this, it will guide you through the process.

ghost of tsushima game save
The main menu for the Directors Cut of Ghost of Tsushima will allow you to transfer the game save over from the base version of the game on PS4.

If you run this and you find there are no game saves available for you to download, make sure you are logged in with the same PSN account that you used for the original game. If not, check the PS+ cloud storage or use USB to copy the game save that was from the original PS4 version and copy it to the PS5.

Head back to the menu in Ghosts of Tsushima: Directors Cut and you should now be able to load the game save from the original version of the game into the directors cut version.

ps4 game save
Once you select the option, you will see a list of game saves that are available for you to copy over to the directors cut edition of the game.
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