What is a Shoji Assassination?


I have done a few different camp liberations from the Mongols and there have been a couple of optional objectives that have asked me to perform a Shoji Assassination. I don’t know what this is. How do you perform one?

What is a Shoji Assassination
Ghost of Tsushima

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LeonDB40 -

A Shoji Assassination is when you kill an enemy through one of the paper doors. Sometimes, enemies will stand in front of them making it really easy for you to get this. Other times, you will need to use a chime or something to lure an enemy over to the door so you can stab them. Make sure you wait for the assassination prompt to appear. If you press square before this happens, you will just slash the door and perform a regular attack.

Here is a video showing how to perform a Shoji assassination on an enemy that was lured over to the location of the player.


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