Ghost of Tsushima Collectable Guide

Ghost of Tsushima is a large open-world game that is split up into three regions. There are a large number of points of interest for you to explore. There are trophies related to all of the major event types to incentivise your inner completionist. 

There are benefits in collecting these items in-game too. Things like the hot springs will give you a bonus toward your health. Other events like bamboo strike challenges are not only fun but will go toward increasing your resolve. 

None of the collectables in this game are missable, which means you can go back and get them after you have completed the main story. The sections below will contain videos that will show you where to get all of the collectables in Ghost of Tsushima.

Bamboo Strike Locations

There are a total of 16 bamboo strike locations in Ghost of Tsushima. Finding and completing them all is required to unlock the Body Mind and Spirit trophy. The video guide below will show you where to locate them all. 

How to complete the Bamboo Strike challenges?

bamboo strike collectable guide
Bamboo strikes are enjoyable but can be difficult if you get a difficult combination of buttons

If you are having some trouble with the bamboo strike challenges, here is what you need to do. The challenges are split into three stages. You start out with 3 poles and then move onto 5 and then 7. You will notice that there is a button from the controller shown on each of the poles. You will need to press the combination of buttons shown as quickly as possible in order to complete this stage of the challenge. If you are too slow, you will fail. This gets more difficult as you go through the stages to get onto the final one. 

Ghost of Tsushima Duel Locations & Boss Fights

The majority of boss fights in Ghost of Tsushima end with a duel. This is a classic samurai sword fight. You will need to focus on using all of the skills and abilities you have learned to make it through these. Dodging, parrying and using your special attacks. Outside of the boss fights there are random duels that you will find as you explore the map. There are a total of 25 duels in this game. Once you complete the final duel, you will unlock the “There can only be one” trophy.

Inari Shrine / Fox Den Locations

fox den events
Fox Dens were one of the most charming and enjoyable events you discover on the map. You must follow a fox to a secret area which often involves some enjoyable platforming.

The fox dens are one of the more heartwarming part of this brutal and bloody slasher. You will find a fox and you must follow it in order to locate an Inari shrine. There are 49 of these fox dens to find on the island of Tsushima. Collecting them all is required as part of the “Body, Mind and Spirit” trophy. 

Haiku Locations

The Haiku poems are calming locations in the game where you must select words that appear on the screen in order to generate a Haiku based on the current setting. They are very simple, maybe a little boring to complete, especially when you just wanna get the reward and move on. There are 19 of these on the island that must be collected to unlock the “Body, Mind and Spirit” trophy.

Hidden Altar Locations

There are 10 hidden altars on the island of Tsushima. Collect them all to get the “There can only be one” trophy. These altars are normally hidden atop hills and mountains. You must climb your way to the top to pray and complete the altar, getting the reward. There will normally be a one time prompt that you can use to fast travel to the bottom of the mountain, to save you having to climb down manually. 

Hot Spring Locations

ghost of tsushima hot spring
How springs can be found with a lot of steam that is visible from a good distance away

Hot springs are hot pools of water where you get to strip off all of your clothes and chill out for a while. It is a bit weird alright but hey, you get a health boost from using them so it’s worth finding them. There are 18 springs to find on the map that will go toward the Body, Mind and Spirit trophy. 

Lighthouse Locations

There are eight lighthouses, some of which you will find as part of the story. Finding them all will unlock the “Light the way” trophy. 

Pillars of Honor Locations

When you show respect at one of these pillars, you will obtain a cosmetic item like a bandana or something. It does not go toward a trophy like the others do but they are collectables that you will come across on the map.

Shinto Shrine Locations

There are 16 Shinto shrines on the map. Finding them all will unlock the “Favor of the Kami” trophy. You will need to progress through some of the story before you can make use of all of these as you will need the grapple to get past several obstacles. 

Written Records & Notes locations

Written records and notes are often found inside of houses. There are 40 of them in total but you will only need to find 20 of them to unlock the Avid reader trophy. Finding lal 40 will not give you an additional trophy. 

Singing Cricket Locations

ghost of tsushima collectable guide
Singing crickets are found in bird like cages, often in graveyards

The singing crickets are found inside cages that look like birdcages. They are most often found in graveyards or other outdoor locations with old stonework. You will only need to find 5 of them to get a trophy. All additional cricket cages you find will go toward unlocking songs on the flute. 

Mongol Artifacts

Mongol artefacts are found in tents and buildings in camps under the control of Mongol forces. They are normally quite easy to find. There are 50 of them in total to find, but you will only need to find 20 of them to unlock the “know your enemy” trophy.

Are There Any Missable Collectables In Ghost of Tsushima?

All of the collectables in this game are unmissable. If you go ahead and complete the story of the game, you will be able to go back and complete all of the other events and find everything else that is listed in this guide. You can collect these at your own leisure and will not need to worry about missing anything. 

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