PS5 controller charges but wont turn on?


I have had my controller sitting in the charging dock for over an hour now and it appears to be fully charged. When I try to turn it on nothing happens though. It won’t connect to the PS5 and doesn’t even turn on the white lights when I click it.

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Dan Hastings -

This might be an issue with the internal workings of the controller that have caused the PS button to stop working. I have put a pretty detailed guide together for this if you want to debug the PS button not working on the Dualsense controller.


  1. Mine just likes to randomly act like it’s dead. I put it on the charger, it reads full. Press ps button, blue light flashes, shuts off. I plus in the usb c cable I’ve used on the same two controllers a hundred times just fine, same thing, blue light flash, turns off. I don’t understand why it does it or what makes it decide it’s going to do it either. It can just happen right in the middle of a game. It can just happen when I pick it up to turn on the ps. No rhyme, no reason. For the price tag you’d think they’d be more reliable. I even went and got the second one after the first one started doing it so I would have a backup when it died which I thought it would do. Never ended up dying. Now both controllers just act like a piece of junk whenever they so choose. So annoying. The ubs c cord works fine. The charging stand works fine. The controllers just randomly act broken.

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