PS5 not responding to controller input


This is the second time I have had this problem now and I am starting to think it is a problem with the Dualsense controller. Both times it has happened while playing astrobot.

The game keeps going as normal. Music playing, everything on screen still moving around as normal but nothing happens when I press any buttons on the controller. If I press the PS button, nothing happens. I can’t return to the system menu, I can’t interact with the game.

I tried pressing the power button and the system went Into rest mode but now it won’t turn back on with the controller. If I press the power button the system turns back on but the Dualsense won’t connect to it. I have tried connecting the controller via USB and it won’t connect.

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Ray Cunningham -

I’m not sure what causes this to happen, I’m not sure if there has been any official word on it. The only fix seems to be to restart the system. Try the following steps. This will likely result in you getting a warning that the system was not shut down correctly.

  • Press and hold the share button and PS button. This should disconnect the controller.
  • Press the PS button to see if the controller reconnects
  • If not, press and hold the power button on the ps5 for a second and you should hear a beep. The system should go Into rest mode.
  • When in rest mode, press and hold the power button again and keep holding until you hear another beep.
  • Once the system is fully powered off, press the power button to reboot. You will get the error saying the system wasn’t shut down correctly.
  • Press the PS button on the controller and you should be able to use the system again as normal.


  1. It’s the ps5 I have a media remote when I use Netflix or disney and this happens when I use for more than 2hrs…I have to use console power button as well.

  2. This happened to me and nothing seems to be working, happening with both my controllers. Going to call PlayStation support tomorrow

  3. My PS5 having same issue.
    In safe mode, controller is working fine with USB cable attached.
    But not when restarted in normal mode.

    Then I disconnected Internet, and restore the system again. The system worked fine in normal mode too. I used all the options first with wire and later with wireless. It worked fine. But as soon as I connected to Internet, controller again unresponsive and came back to the previous state and none of the buttons from any controllers working, I have 3 controllers. Same problem with all three.

    I dont know if Sony blocked my console or there was a bad update.

    Now I don’t have any support or repair in my area. So waiting for a good working update.

  4. I am also having this issue. I had this issue 4 months ago. I tried everything. Nothing worked. Didn’t play it for about 2 months and randomly turned it on one day and it started working again. It’s been fine for the last two months until today.

    I unplug the system, reset the controller by putting a toothpick in the tiny hole on the back, unplug my router. Started it back up Internet won’t connect and the controller won’t work either. I find it really odd that because my Internet won’t work on my PlayStation my controller doesn’t work.

  5. Didn’t realize it was just me with this issue.
    None of my controllers work. They’ll start up my PlayStation but then resort to solid white and everything will be fine but the controller doesn’t respond.

  6. After updating my controller I can navigate the home menu and turn on the consol. But as soon as I open a game or media app it stops responding. I can use the home button to go back and it will still work fine just not in games or media.

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