Anthem Box Art

Anthem is a shared-world action RPG, where players can delve into a vast landscape teeming with amazing technology and forgotten treasures. This is a world where Freelancers are called upon to defeat savage beasts, ruthless marauders, and forces plotting to conquer humanity.



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I have assigned a secondary weapon to my character. I want to switch to it and can't find the button to so it. The menu doesn't really provide much help either. The control section in the settings doesn't actually tell you the controls for the game.

I'm enjoying the game so far but it feels like they have tried to make it as non straight forward as possible. The UI is a disaster. From what the game is telling me, I need to visit the forge to upgrade my javelin..the problem is I can't find it. 

I have walked all over this town. 99% of it seems quite pointless, it's just getting you lost for nothing. I've searched all around and I can't find the forge. I found a fire pit/ forge looking thing withwtools behind the platform where the javelin is but I can't interact with it. I have a bunch of stuff in the vault that I want to use.

Seems like the ability to customize your loadout is mechanic 101 for a game like this. I'm not sure why it's so difficult to find. I've seen people using shotguns so it can definitely be done somehow. Has anyone found out how to change your weapons in this game?

I seem to be getting killed a lot in this game.  I'm looking at the death screen and it gives a respawn countdown but it never comes. It says "respawning" at the bottom of the screen but I never respawn. The only way I ever come back is when someone revives me. Is this a bug or what?

Stuck respawning

I am in the tyrant mines at the academy ruins. The current quest is "Silence the relics". We have already found 8. So it says echos delivered 8/12. We have found the remaining 4 echos but they are locked inside these metal cages. The cages don't appear to have any way that they can be opened. 

There are some boxes with red lights on the side but they don't do anything. How do you get these open? Scars just keep spawning making this quest seem impossible.

My sheild recharged fully and there are no enemies nearby but my health is still low. How do you recharge your health? The only way I ever get it back is when I die and someone revives me.