How do you figure out the password for the telephone puzzle near the lift in Hunrath?

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I gave up on this level and have resorted to using a video walkthrough. I am at the point where i am at the large tower and need to take the lift down in order to open access to the tree. From here i can turn on the water pump. The problem is that I cant figure out the password for the door that has an old fashioned telephone dial to enter the password for it. The guy in the video enters a password and it works, i tried to enter the same one and it doesn't. This must be another of the random passwords that they have put into the game. I have no idea how to get the correct password though. Anyone know how to do this?


The puzzle is fairly complicated to solve quickly. You will need to work a lot of stuff out before you have everything you need to solve this puzzle. Click here for the Hunrath telephone guide , this will guide you through everything you need to do to solve the puzzle and how to figure out what the code is (it is different every time you play).