Connected Hunrath to the Heart Guide - The Glow Must Flow Speed Run

Hunrath is the first area you will visit in Obduction. It is a desert/western style level based around Arizona. There are quite a few puzzles in this level and in order to bring water to the tree in Hunrath you will need to complete a lot of the puzzles in order to progress. Unfortunately for you, the key puzzle in this level is random for every player, meaning I cannot give you the pass codes to quickly get to the end of the level. This will be a speed run guide that will show you the quickest way possible to get the water to the roots of the tree in Hunrath. It will allow you to skip some of the puzzles too.

1. Find the town – From the location where you start go straight down the hill and you will see a white house on your left. Turn to this house and look left again, you will see a train track going around a corner. Follow this and it will lead you to a small town. Head to the end of this area to find a building with some metal fences around it. Go into the house at the right side and press the green button on the door. A guy will talk to you and tell you to turn on the power. This is your first objective.

2. Turn on the power – Turn left after the guy closes the metal door and walk over toward the waterfall. Use the lift and go up above the house. Take the path that leads up to the upper areas of the cliff. Follow the stream and you will see a small dam. Pull the lever to let the water flow down. If you look over the edge you will see the stream is now flowing down to another dam that has a propeller stuck to it. Make your way over to this.

3. Go to the train yard – Turn the propeller so that the right side of it is facing down. Go over to the nearby lever and pull it. This will release the lock and make the wall rotate, giving you access to the other side. Follow the path until you get to the train yard. It is a very small yard, but it is the best way to describe it.

4. Start the Train Engine – This is how you provide power to the town. Go up to the side of the train engine and turn it on and pull the red handle down. Close the door over to access the startup controls. The engine has no fuel so follow the red pipe to the gas station. Turn the crank on the pump and you will hear liquid flowing. Go back to the train and there will now be fuel. Turn the switch to prime the engine, do this until the glass tube is full. Turn the switch the other way to start up the engine. Keep the switch held until the engine light goes green. Power has now been restored.

5. Get The Train Cart – Go back to the town area and talk to CW (the guy behind the metal door). Leave his house and look across to the building. You should see a red button lit up, press this and go upstairs. There will be a sort of train cart thing in the centre of the room hanging from the roof. If you look closely at the metal beams that the cart is in between you will see there is a button. Press it and it will lower the cart down to the tracks below. Go back down and get into the cart, you can now drive it around the tracks on the map. Flick the switch on the right side of the roll cage to toggle drive and the laser.

6. Go To The Junkyard – Use the blue laser from the cart to blow up the red laser that is on top of the same building you just came out of. This will unlock the purple portals around the map (you may not have seen one yet). The blue laser on this cart can also destroy rocks that have the red glow on them. Make your way back to the area where you started the game and take the path that is opposite the white house. You will see a large purple area ahead, but do not go down this one. You will find a gate nearby. Open the gate up to find red stones blocking a cave. Destroy these with the blue laser and head down the cavern and through the purple portal. You should now be in the back of the junkyard.

7. Unlock the Garage – Head to the edge of the cliff for the junkyard and you will see a yellow digger bucket. Stand in this and press the switch on the wooden post next to it. This brings you down to the junkyard below. Look around to find a power box, open the doors and flip the switch to divert power from the town to the junkyard (how did the previous lift work with no power? PLOT HOLE!!). Make your way to the garage and open the shutter door by pressing the button next to it. Take a screenshot of the license plates on the wall and go outside to the phone booth near the water and take a screenshot of the phone. The license plates change randomly as you play, so your game may not be the same as what you see in the image here. Head back into the junkyard and flip the power switch to give the town power again.

garage license plates

obuction license plate phone key

8. Get To The Mayors Office – Take the purple portal that brings you do a green door that is protected by a key code. I have no idea how you obtain the password for it, but use 406 and the door opens up. Go inside and unblock every door. This now gives you quick access to all areas of the map. Go to the mayor’s desk and open the box on the table and there will be a compass inside. Flip the compass upside down while viewing it (the controls are awkward as hell, I know). There will be the name of a US state on the back of the compass. Take note of this as it is very important and it changes for each game so it may not be the same for you.

mayors office key code

9. Locate The Telephone Puzzle – By now, you have everything you need to solve the puzzle, you just need to find it. Since all doors in the mayor’s office are open, you don’t need the old routes. Go back to the water bridge with the plane propeller and reset it so that it is the same way it was when you found it. If you look above this you will see there is a little pathway, you need to be able to get from one side to the other, so the bridge needs to be closed back over. Now head out the back of the train yard area. You will get to a purple portal wall that you should walk through. This brings you to the cliff edge above where you closed the water bridge and cross over to the other side. Walk up the path until you get to the phone puzzle.

10. Solve The Telephone Puzzle – This code is random so you need to figure this one out. Check the name of the US state that you got on the back of the compass e.g. New York. Then check the license plates from the garage. One of those plates will be the name of the state from the compass. This is your password, but there are letters? Use the screenshot you took of the phone booth outside the garage and use this to convert the letters to the correct number. Enter this into the phone dial and it will unlock the lift.

obuction phone puzzle

11. Bring Water To The Tree – Take the lift to the very bottom. It should take 2 pushes down to get there. On the bottom floor go straight and take the path to the right. Turn the crank to unlock the door to the tree. Go back up 1 level to the mayor’s office. Walk out the door on the right and into the area with the tree. Go to the far side of the tree and down into the tunnel underground. There will be a tap right next to the edge of the tree that you can turn. Do this and you will have completed this part of the game.

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