Key Decisions and Their Consequences in Red Dead Redemption 2

In the expansive world of Red Dead Redemption 2, players are often faced with decisions that can shape their character’s journey and influence the game’s outcome. Throughout the story, Arthur Morgan, the protagonist, encounters various dilemmas that test his morals, loyalty, and survival instincts. This article explores eight notable choices players must make in Red Dead Redemption 2 and delves into the consequences of each decision, providing insight into how these choices impact the gameplay, character relationships, and overall experience.

Race or Decline

  • Quest: Early in the game, during Chapter 2, Hosea organizes a party for the gang members to socialize and bond.
  • Decision: Charles challenges Arthur to a race on horseback. You can choose to accept or decline the race.
  • Outcome: Accepting the race will give you an opportunity to improve your horse bonding and increase your Honor level. Declining the race has no significant consequences.

Shoot the Dynamite or Send Lenny

  • Quest: “Pouring Forth Oil IV” involves robbing a train to steal valuable bonds.
  • Decision: Arthur needs to stop the train by detonating dynamite placed on the tracks. You can choose to shoot the dynamite yourself or send Lenny to do it.
  • Outcome: Shooting the dynamite yourself is a requirement for obtaining the Gold Medal in the mission. Sending Lenny has no significant consequences but will not fulfill the Gold Medal requirement.

Lost Girl or Harlot

  • Quest: “Polite Society, Valentine Style” involves Arthur and Uncle going to Valentine to collect supplies and debts.
  • Decision: While in the general store, you’ll encounter a commotion outside. You can choose to help a lost girl or a harlot.
  • Outcome: Helping the lost girl increases your Honor level, while helping the harlot has no significant impact on the mission’s outcome.

Crack the Safe or Blow the Safe

  • Quest: “Sodom? Back to Gomorrah” involves Arthur, Bill, and Lenny robbing the bank in Valentine.
  • Decision: After reaching the bank vault, you can choose to crack the safe or blow it up using dynamite.
  • Outcome: Cracking the safe will result in a higher amount of money obtained and is a requirement for obtaining the Gold Medal in the mission. Blowing up the safe will result in less money and will not fulfill the Gold Medal requirement.

Help Mary or Don’t Help Mary

  • Quest: “We Loved Once and True” involves Arthur receiving a letter from Mary Linton, asking for his help.
  • Decision: You can choose to help Mary or refuse her request.
  • Outcome: Choosing to help Mary will unlock a series of missions involving her and increase your Honor level. Refusing her request will prevent these missions from becoming available.

Kill Anthony Foreman or Spare Him

  • Quest: “No, No and Thrice, No” involves Arthur helping Sadie rescue Tilly from the Foreman gang.
  • Decision: After defeating the gang, you can choose to kill Anthony Foreman or spare him.
  • Outcome: Killing Foreman will decrease your Honor level, while sparing him will increase it. Sparing Foreman also allows for a future encounter with him in the Epilogue.

Sneak into the Cave or Use Dynamite to Flush Them Out

  • Quest: “My Last Boy” involves Arthur and Charles trying to rescue Eagle Flies from the army.
  • Decision: Upon reaching the cave where Eagle Flies is held, you can choose to sneak in quietly or use dynamite to flush out the enemies.
  • Outcome: Sneaking into the cave is a requirement for obtaining the Gold Medal in the mission. Using dynamite will result in a louder and more chaotic approach but will not fulfill the Gold Medal requirement.

Absolve Debt and Give Money or Absolve Debt

  • Quest: “Money Lending and Other Sins VI” involves Arthur collecting debts for Leopold Strauss.
  • Decision: When collecting a debt from a widow, you can choose to absolve her debt and give her money or just absolve her debt.
  • Outcome: Absolving the debt and giving her money will increase your Honor level and result in a more positive outcome for the widow. Absolving the debt without giving her money will still increase your Honor level but to a lesser extent, and the widow’s fate will be less positive.
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