Destiny 2

The Destiny franchise is classified as being a loot shooter. An online coop experience where players must defeat AI enemies and gather as much loot as possible to get stronger. The first game was a success with the dinklebot controversy being one of the stand out events of its history. It was a short turnaround before the launch of Destiny 2, which aimed to provide a much better experience.

Destiny 2 was a great success and was received well by critics. The game, while limited in content at launch was still incredibly popular. It was fairly obvious the game was rushed to production as there were trophies/achievements in the game for which there was no content in game yet to play.

Multiple expansions later and the Destiny 2 hype has faded, partly due to the release of The Division, but also due to the repetitive nature of the gameplay causing players to run out of fresh content to play. There will undoubtedly be a third iteration to this popular online Sci-Fi space experience.


No matter how quickly we are during the nightfall strike there is never enough time. We have tried a few of the strikes now and every time it seems like the timer is way too strict to ever come close to getting it done. Is there a way to get more time during the strikes? […]

I’ve picked up 2 of these spinfoil hats from the treasure maps I bought of cayde 6. It says something about caydes odds and ends but I got no quests for picking it up. What is the Spinfoil hat used for?

When I look at the map for any of the planets I can only ever do the orange colored quests and the public events. I checked all of them and I can’t find any that are marked as strike missions. I have heard a lot about these and want to be able to do them. […]

I completed a heroic public event and in the chest, at the end, I got a legendary engram. It says that it is worth a lot in power levels, but It isn’t something that I am able to equip. What am I meant to do with this? What do you do with a legendary engram?…or […]

I preordered the game and entered the code that came inside the game box for the coldheart weapon. It redeemed sucessfully, but when I load up the game, the weapon is not in my inventory. How do i get the gun? Is there a quest for it or something?

On a few occasions I have come across a hover bike (usually on fire) when roaming around the map. I can drive them and they are really cool. I thought they were just part of the game, but then I saw 2 guys equip a bike out of nowhere and drive off. How do they […]

Destiny 2 Game Guides

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How To Find Xur In Destiny 2

The mysterious vendor is the number one source for rare and exotic weapons. Here is how to find Xur in destiny 2 so you can purchase his gear
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XP and Levels In Destiny 2 Explained

Understanding XP and Levels In Destiny 2 in order to correctly level your character as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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How To Increase Your Power Level

Guide on the best way to increase your power level in destiny 2. The higher your power level the more powerful you are and better loot that drops.
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How to get Rat King's Crew

This is how to get rat kings crew in Destiny 2. This is a unique and rare weapon that is highly powerful if you are playing with others using it too.
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Completing The Scouting Patrol Quest On The Farm

There is a scouting patrol mission on the farm that will provide you and everyone else there with a temporary buff. This buff will be removed as soon as you leave the farm, but while you are there it will...

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Has Bungie Just Ripped Of Destiny 2 Players?

Destiny 2 was released on September 6th 2017 and has been met with a lot of praise. As someone who has put a lot of time into the game so far, I can say that the game is a lot...
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Destiny 2 Stopped Being Fun At Level 260

After spending many enjoyable hours getting to power level 260, Destiny 2 has very suddenly stopped being any fun at all due to the painful grind.