Eris Morn Numskull Figure Review

Eris Morn Numskull Figure

Having been incredibly impressed by the Doom Cacodemon figure from Doom Eternal, I had high hopes when picking up two Destiny 2 figures, also created by Numskull. Do they live up to the same level of quality? Check out the review below!

Both figures are from the same set and are a similar height but there is quite a large contrast in the quality between the two. Here is the full review, unboxing, and information about both of these gaming figures. For the full written review of the other figure, check out the full review of the Numskull Drifter figure.

Eris Morn Review

This Eris Morn figure is very good. There is quite a lot of detail in the texture of the clothing that shows a strong pattern that is easily visible. A considerable difference to what we saw with the Drifter!

There are no moving parts on this model but as a ridged figure it does look quite good from afar.

eris morn numskull figure
Up close, the texture of the cloak is really detailed and looks like it is made from fabric

Up close, the detail holds up quite well. The paintwork is sharp and detailed with very few points that stand out as smudgy. This model has considerably more detail and color mixes when compared to the Doom Eternal series of figures, so it wouldn’t be unexpected to see a few but overall, the quality in this regard is very strong.

I can’t help but feel there is something a little off about her face. Having the 2d painted effect on the blindfold throws it off a little when compared to the game where the eyes are a stand-out part of her appearance.

eris morn blindfold
The blindfold, while not looking terrible is lacking some kind of effort to make it look 3d. A little gloss on the black would make it look more like what we see in the game.


This figure is quite good overall and offers a lot of good quality aspects to its construction and design. The detailed fabric from the clothing and clean paint work make it a nice figure to have on the shelf. The bandana does throw it off slightly but overall, this is a really nice piece.
  • Great detail on the clothing
  • Nice paintwork with very few mistakes and ugly blotches
  • The eyes feel a little off-centre and lack any effort to make them appear 3d