Horizon Lego Tallneck Review

Horizon Lego Tallneck
lego tallneck

The LEGO Tallneck figure is a highly detailed and accurate representation of the Tallneck creature from the popular video game Horizon Zero Dawn. The figure features a number of key features that closely mimic the video game, making this a fantastic figure to show off this unique, giraffe-like machine.

The construction of the LEGO Tallneck figure is a challenging but rewarding building experience. The set includes a number of unique and interesting pieces that are used to create the various mechanical and robotic elements of the creature. The set is composed of several sub-assemblies that come together to create the final product. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the building process is well thought out. It can take several of these sub-assemblies to be completed before you start to see where the construction is going, making it a satisfying progression.

The head is attached to the body with a series of clips and pins, which keep it securely in place while also allowing for easy removal. Despite the design allowing for this, there is a significant weakness in the design of the two back legs which can cause them to break apart with only the slightest amount of pressure. This made any late stage assembly very challenging. You put any sort of pressure to place bricks higher up on the model to find the back legs blow out, shooting Lego bricks around the room.

Fragile areas of LEGO sets are not uncommon when the designs are as complex and as unique as the tallneck but it is a shame a little more couldn’t have been done to ensure the legs are better able to provide stable support. Having attempted to add an LED kit to this figure, the legs completely crumbled on several occasions.

horizon lego tallneck review

The figure also features a number of moveable joints, such as the neck, legs, and tail, which add to the playability and display options. The different joints are connected using a combination of ball-and-socket joints, hinge plates, and other specialized pieces, which give the figure a wide range of movement but this can feel a little unnecessary. You have limited ways in which the figure can stay balanced on its own feet and the base that the tallneck stands on also has limited options on how you can set the pose. The weak knees on the back legs will ultimately limit the majority of what you want to do outside of the default pose.

The LEGO Tallneck figure is a large and impressive set, measuring over 7 inches (18cm) high and 9 inches (23cm) long. The size of the figure makes it a great addition to any Horizon Zero Dawn or LEGO collection, and it will definitely stand out on a shelf or display.

lego tallneck with LEDs

The size of the figure also allows for a good amount of details to be added, which are true to the game’s design, giving the figure a realistic and robotic look. It’s worth mentioning that the size of the figure may take up more space than other Lego sets. It is quite tall and may not fit inside many shelving sets. You will need to set aside a deserving location to show off this fantastic piece once it has been constructed.

LEGO sets generally have lots of small parts and this set in particular does have a large number of very small pieces. It can be a little challenging for those with larger fingers to be delicate enough to assemble some parts. It is not overly prohibitive and nothing a set of tweezers can’t solve. It is actually quite an enjoyable level of a challenge trying to get the small parts added to the final construction.

The best part of assembling this LEGO figure is how good the instructions are. The step-by-step breakdown of every sub-component of the figure are all clearly illustrated and never attempt to put too many pieces into a single assembly step. The challenge primarily comes from how delicate and intricate some of the parts are.

Overall, the LEGO Tallneck figure is a great addition to any Horizon Zero Dawn or LEGO collection. It offers a challenging building experience and a detailed, accurate representation of the creature from the game.


The LEGO Tallneck figure from the Horizon series is a fantastic collectable piece to add to any LEGO of gaming merch collection. The build is challenging but comes with very clear instructions. The final construction makes for a satisfying achievement that looks really nice. The price is a little on the steep side but if you are a fan of the franchise and want a little challenge, this is a fantastic purcjhase.
  • Looks a lot like the in game robot
  • An enjoyable level of challenge to assemble
  • The back legs are incredibly weak and will crumble under the slightest amount of pressure