Where to Find a Jay In Forbidden West

The elusive Jay! More than just a pretend bird from the Hunger Games movies, Jays are real-life birds too…although, based on how difficult they are to find in this game, you may be doubting their existence too. Jays are one of the smallest birds that fly quickly and don’t appear in a broad region of the game making them quite difficult to find.

Jays only really appear in one, a relatively small region of the map, one that you discover early on in the game and have little need to return to later on in the game. This may mean that you never come across them naturally. The best place to find a Jay is north of Plainsong, this is the sort of treehouse city.

where to find jay
Jay birds can be found in the woods north of plainsong

Jays are very difficult to spot due to their small size so you will have to rely heavily on your Focus to be able to spot them. You can tell them apart from other birds as they have a unique hop that they use to move around. Unlike other birds that walk one leg at a time. Because they are so small and only live in the woods, they are generally obscured by the grass and other foliage that is in wooded areas of the game.

what does a jay look like
They are blue birds but the color is hard to see from a distance due to them being hidden by the grass

How To Get a Jay Wishbone

Jay Wishbones are the rare item drop that you will get from killing Jays in the wild. The drop is less common than feathers but if you spend a few minutes killing them, you are sure to come across a couple of these that will cover most of your needs.

What Are Jay Wishbones Used For?

Jay Wishbone is used as a crafting component at the workbench. You will likely come across the need for this when crafting the upgrade for the tripwire pouch. You can view more about pouch upgrades in Forbidden west here.

How To Get Jay Feathers

Jay feathers are a more common item that is dropped when killing Jays. You could argue that no items are common since the Jaybird itself is fairly uncommon and hard to find. You will need a couple more feathers than wishbones for the pouch upgrades but you should find more than enough when you are hunting for the wishbone.

What Are Jay Feathers Used For?

Jay Feathers are used as a crafting component that you can use at workbenches. You will need two feathers for the crafting of an upgrade for the light arrow pouch.

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