Where to Find Striped Bass In Forbidden West

Striped bass are the second ocean fish that you will encounter in Horizon Forbidden West. They are found in the same areas of the game as Moonfish, which is on the western coast of the map. Any areas where there is some ocean water. They are a more familiar, recognizable looking fish compared to the moonfish.

You will need to head to the west coast on the map to find striped bass. They live in the shallow waters and out further into the depths of the water along the warm, tropical coast of the game.

where to find bass

Killing striped bass is very difficult with traditional weapons. You will need to make use of the diving mask to swim after fish and catch it by pressing triangle. I have created a more detailed guide to help you catch fish in Horizon Forbidden West.

how to get bass skin
You will need to swim up close to the fish in order to be able to catch it

How To Get Bass Skin

Bass skin is a random drop that you will get from killing striped bass in Horizon Forbidden West. The drop rate of bass skin is slightly higher than that of bones. You will simply need to catch the fish and the item may be obtained from the fish.

What Is Bass Skin Used For?

Bass skin is used as a crafting component at workbenches. It can be used to create items and upgrades. You will need to find bass skin if you want to craft pouch upgrades.

How To Get Bass Bones

Bass bones are an alternative drop that can come from catching striped bass in Forbidden West. The drop rate is not as frequent as it is with skin but if you spend some time swimming around the waters on the west coast, you should find you pick up quite a few of these.

bass bones
When you press triangle to catch a bass, you will see the item show on the left side of the screen

What Are Bass Bones Used For?

Just like bass skin, the bones are used as crafting components for various things in the workbench. You will need to obtain some of these for crafting pouch upgrades.

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