The Pearl Clan's Treasure - Request 90

The Pearl Clan's Treasure

If you revisit the Alabaster Icelands after completing the main story, you will find a new side quest has become available at one of the villages. When you pick it up from Irida called The Pearl Clan’s Treasure, she will challenge you to a Pokemon battle.

As with the similar quest from Adamant, The diamond clan’s treasure, you will receive a special item related to a legendary Pokemon once you complete it. For this quest, you will receive an item called a Lustrous Globe.lustrous globe

Can’t Find The Lustrous Globe In Your Inventory?

You have completed the quest and checked your satchel but there is no sign of this Lustrous Globe item, where is it? This is not a glitch, do not worry. This item does not get added to your regular inventory like other items such as Pokeballs, instead, it gets added to the key items tab.

where to find lustrous globe
You will need to press R while in your inventory to switch over to the key items tab. You will find the lustrous globe item in this section of your inventory.

What Does The Lustrous Globe Do?

The Pearl Clan’s Treasure quest is aimed at giving you the ability to control Palkia’s appearance. When you use this item on Palkia, it will transform this Pokemon into the horse style appearance that you may have seen during the final battle of the game.

Can you change Palkia back after using the Lustrous Globe?

Yes, it is possible to reverse the effects of the Lustrous globe item once you have used it to transform Palkia into the horse form. Simply use the item again, in the exact same way that you did before and it will transform this Pokemon back into its original form.

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