How to Get Dragon Claws

how to get dragon claws

Dragon claws are one of the most rare crafting components in God of War Ragnarok. You have worked through the Dragon Armor set and found all of the dragon teeth that you needed for the upgrades and now it is time to find some dragon claws. Where do you get them though?

Unlike Dragon teeth, dragon claws are actually obtained from killing Dragons. Finding dragons is the next challenge. One of the first dragons you will come across is the crimson dread. He can be found in Vanaheim. You will pickup a quest to kill it as soon as you arrive in the region.

As you work your way through this area, you will eventually get to the dragon and have a pretty awesome boss fight against the crimson dread dragon. You can see a video of the boss fight here.

You will also find dragons and some Dreki in the jungle area of Vanaheim. This will give you some more claws and teeth if you are still looking for those.

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