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Climbing Gear Armor Set

The climbing gear armor set is a massively valuable set to obtain as early as possible as you will spend a lot of time climbing in Breath of the Wild. The set, as you might guess, is tailored toward climbing...
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Ancient Armor Set

The Ancient Armor set is one of the better armor sets for combat. Most armor sets are geared to some form of elemental region and will provide an enchantment that will reflect this. The ancient armor will provide bonuses that...
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Desert Voe Armor Set

The Desert Voe Armor set is connected with the Gerudo Vai Armor set in that they are both from the same region. It's one of the few instances where there are 2 armor sets in a single region. There are...
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Gerudo Vai Armor Set

The Gerudo Vai Armor set is a fairly unusual armor set in that it's one of the few that can't be upgraded at the Great Fairy Fountains and overall, it has very little use outside of the quest to gain...
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Flamebreaker Armor Set

The Flamebreaker Armor set is an armor set in Breath of the Wild that can be obtained in the Goron City clothing shop. The pieces of this collection offer protection against fire and if the full set is equipped the...
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Zora Armor Set

The Zora armor set is one if the first armor sets that offers many different enchantment bonuses for each piece of the armor, where past sets will all do the same thing. The armor set must be obtained through achievement...
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Snowquill Clothing Set

You can purchase the Snowquill clothing set from the Rito Village Clothing shop. The clothing set is geared for the colder environments with each piece offering cold resistance. All 3 pieces combined will provide Link with a bonus of being...
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Stealth Armor Set

This is one of the first armor sets that you come across that will offer an enchantment bonus. The stealth armor, like the name suggests, will enhance Links stealth abilities which will make sneaking much easier. All 3 pieces can...
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Soldier's Armor Set

The Soldier's Armor set is an early armor set that is available early on in the game. It provides an enhanced level of defense over the items in the Hylian clothes armor set. There are 3 items in this set...
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Hylian Clothes Armor Set

The Hylian clothes armor set is a low tier armor set in Breath of the Wild. As the name might suggest, this is more of a cloth piece of gear and as a result the defense and perks that come...


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