Beginners Guides

Beginners guides are useful for people getting started with new games that have a high learning curve. These guides will help you get up to speed with all the important tips and tricks that normally take a few hours of gameplay to figure out.

If you are playing an RPG and want to know the best characters, abilities and classes to use or are stuck with a new shooter and want to know the best loadout. Checkout these beginners guides to help you out for the game that you are looking for.


West of Dead Beginners Guide

Roguelike games are generally designed to have you die a hell of a lot before you get good at the game. Sometimes they can be cruel enough to let you walk into a trap and die just to learn not...

Neon Abyss Beginners Guide

The bright lights of the Neon Abyss are eye-catching. As soon as you get your hands on it, you are going to want to explore and start kicking ass. Roguelite games aren't rocket science, but there are a few caveats...

The Last Of Us Part 2 Beginners Guide

The Last of Us is not your traditional Naughty Dog game. Going around with guns blazing is not the way to go about things. The controls differ, the enemies are unusual and there are some new mechanics that make this...

Surviving The First 10 Minutes

The first 10 minutes, or first 10 or so in game days are critical to winning a game of survival. If you do not prepare correctly, the first wave of zombies, as small as it might be, will take you...

Beginners Tips For Building A Colony

If you are jumping into this game expecting to use all of your best Age of Empires and Dawn of War tactical knowledge, think again. This game will wipe the floor with your puny settlements with one single enemy. The...

How To Find Survivors In Fortnite

When you are playing through missions, you will often find survivors inside of buildings. They are typically hidden in the same way that treasure chests are hidden. They will be stashed away, out of sight and sometimes out of reach....

Understanding The Homebase Menu

The homebase menu in Fortnite is split up into several tabs, each allowing you to control certain things. Since the game does a very poor job at explaining what a lot of it is for, this guide will help you...

Fortnite Skill Tree Break Down

The skill and research trees in Fortnite can be a difficult area to traverse. So many branches with lots of points that seem to make no sense. The hardest part is trying to figure out what is valuable and what...

Fortnite Hero Classes Explained

Deciding on a hero class that works best for you is one of the more challenging things that you will have to do in Fortnite. Once you get to the point where you are able to evolve your heroes ,...

7 Tips For Managing Inventory In Fortnite

The inventory in Fortnite is going to become a source of great frustration as you progress. The simple fact is that it is way too small and there is nowhere to store items when you are not using them. You...